Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning could be the healthiest improvement investment you will ever make. Take charge over indoor air pollution. Over time, the air ducts in your home or office can become a trap for contaminants like stale food odor, old tobacco smoke, mold, mildew, dust, debris and bacteria. With each breath, you could be inhaling the pollutants present in these unsanitary conditions. If you or someone you know notices a stale odor or excessive dust in your home or office, call IAQ Services at 504-227-0200.

Start improving the air quality around you today. The HEPA-AIR Vacuum we use to clean your duct system is the most powerful, efficient and technologically advanced equipment available.

The Main Duct Cleaning Process

  • ┬áConnect the duct system to HEPA-AIR equipment.
  • Ductwork is then cleaned by rotating scrub brush.
  • Air sweep entire ductwork with compressed air.
  • Sanitize all ductwork and grills.

Standard Services

  • Clean the drain line.
  • Remove, clean and sanitize “supply” air registers and “return” air registers.
  • Clean and sanitize blower assembly.
  • Air wash and chemically clean evaporator coil.
  • Hand clean all accessible entry points.

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