HVAC Cleaning & Mold Remediation

HVAC Cleaning Services

As dust travels through air within ventilation systems, tiny particles eventually clog the vapor coils over time. This prevents air from adequately flowing through the coils. This can lead to heavy condensation that may freeze and cause ice buildup on the walls of the vapor coils. Furthermore, clogged vapor coils cause your system to work harder as it attempts to cool your space, thus causing a huge drop in energy efficiency.

If you notice your HVAC system is not cooling the air as it normally should, your coils could be clogged or even frozen over and in need of cleaning. We thoroughly remove all debris to ensure your system is back to normal in no time.

Mold Remediation for Complete Ventilation System

Bio Fresh

Bio Fresh are used after floors and walls have been HEPA vacuumed and cleaned.

Fungicidal Coatings

These products are used to inhibit mold growth. Foster 40/20 and Foster 40/50 both have a 10 year warranty against mold growth.

Ozone Machine

Ozone generators are used once all visible mold has been removed and surfaces have been cleaned. Ozone generators are used as a non-chemical agent that sanitizes the air and the rest of the conditioned space.

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